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Presentations From Administrator Retreat, June 2008
Presentations from speakers at the 2008 Administrator Only Retreat.

2004 State Legislative Session
The 2004 state legislative session convenes mid-January. While the state's budget is in better shape than last year, significant challenges remain. The Washington State Hospital Association (WSHA) and the Association of Washington Public Hospital Districts (AWPHD) will be working to mitigate some of the budget cuts made in 2003. WSHA/AWPHD will also be dealing with numerous policy issues including medical liability reform and nurse staffing ratios.

Antitrust Issues for Hospitals - Presentation
(March 15, 2005)
Many in health care believe that antitrust laws no longer pose much of a barrier to hospitals and other providers working together. Recent events, however, have shown that this belief isn't just wrong, it's also dangerous. In this web conference, attorney Douglas Ross, an antitrust litigator in the Seattle office of Davis Wright Tremaine, LLP, discussed antitrust is important to you.

April 4, 2007 Balanced Scorecard Webcast

Auditor Update - Presentation
Auditor Update presentation by Kelly Collins and Ivan Danserau at the Healthcare Financial Management Association meeting in September, 2004.

AWPHD CAH Interviews

AWPHD Critical Access Hospital Facility Replacement Interviews
A summary of interviews conducted by Health Facilities Planning and Development to gather data about, and ascertain the experiences from, CAH's who had recently undergone or were in the process of facility replacement in order to provide information to assist AWPHD members considering similar options.

Bond & Levy Presentation
Bond & Levy Presentation From Rural Hospital Workshop (June, 2001).

CAH History Presentation
Presentation by Dr. Myron Bloom, 2005, on the history of critical access hospitals and items to be aware of.

CAH Toolkit (Updated)
AWPHD has engaged two health architects from the state to put together a guide to help interested people understand what a Critical Access Hospital might look like and what services it might provide. Check out their views!

Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) Considerations for Employers Webcast
June 20, 2006 - An aging workforce. Employees' needs to take time off to care for their children, their parents, and themselves. Recent amendments to state law.

These are all compelling reasons for public hospital districts to focus on their rights and responsibilities for family and medical leave under state and federal law. This webcast will help answer some of your questions.

Financial Reporting & Board Responsibility
Materials from the Financial Reporting & Board Responsibility panel presentation at the Third Annual Administrator Retreat in November, 2003.

Healthcare Plan Contracting - A Deliberate Approach
This presentation seeks to describe an approach and identify issues for institutional healthcare providers to use and consider when contracting with private, third-party payers a/k/a, health insurance companies. The presentation diiscusses current hot button topics with payers and identify potential traps in standard payer contract language.

HIPAA Project
Includes: Translated Forms, Webcasts,Presentations and other references for hospitals participating in theAWPHD HIPAA project.

Hospital Board Best Practices Qauntity and Patient Safety
A Report Sponsored by
- The Association of Washington Public Hospital Districts
- The Washington State Office of Community and Rural Health

Presented at
Washington State Hospital Association Annual Rural Hospital Workshop
Lake Chelan, WA
July 28, 2006

Hospital District Audit Information
General Accounting Office question and answer document on government audit standards relating to independence issues for auditors. These standards apply to Washington State Auditor's Office auditors as well as any firm under contract to audit hospital districts.

Identification and Evaluation of Finance Options
Report prepared by Dan Harden and Jody Corona for Coulee Community Hospital, Cascade Medical Center and North Valley Hospital on fnancing options.  Prepared March 2003.

Initiative 1033

Image Campaign
AWPHD/WSHA Hospital Image Campaign Update

Talking to Your Community About Patient Safety Webcast

Mental Health Advance Directives
In the 2003 state legislative session, the legislature passed and the Governor approved Senate Bill 5223, which authorizes mental health advance directives. Mental health advance directives allow individuals to express their preferences and provide instructions about mental health treatment. The bill takes effect July 27, 2003. Hospitals must be prepared to comply with the bill's requirements on this date.

Presentations From Administrator Retreat, June 2007
Presentations from speakers at the 2007 Administrator Only Retreat.

Presentations From Administrator Retreat, May 2006
Presentations from speakers at the 2006 Administrator Only Retreat.

PHD Planning Guide
AWPHD Public Hospital District Audit Guide that will be used by the State Auditor's Office during hospital district audits this year. This version supersedes the draft version that was provided to you earlier.

Physician Compensation and Recruiting Presentation
This is a presentation given at the 2001 Annual Governing Board Dinner in Colfax presented Don Black and Wesley Watson, Jr. of Ogden Murphy Wallace.

PR Project
Includes: Public Relations Handbook for Public District Hospitals; Online Media Resources.

Project Management For Executives: When Failure Is Not An Option
A project management workbook that was developed by Art Haines, Principal
Integral Healthcare Consulting and shared at the November 20-22, 2002 Administrator Retreat.

Public Hospital Districts Public Works Web Conference
This web conference provides important information about legal issues related to hospital district construction projects. Requirements for public works contracts will be covered as well as various methods of public bidding. A legislative proposal that could significantly change
how public hospital districts approach bidding and construction of projects will also be discussed.

Public Records and Public Hospital Districts Webcast
Public Records and Public Hospital Districts, August 15, 2005 was an important web cast for several reasons. It provides a yardstick to measure whether your district's policies, procedures, and practices meet the requirements of the Public Disclosure Act (PDA). It will help you bring your district into compliance if they don't. And it will give you information on the impacts of the PDA revisions that go into effect on July 24, 2005.

Stark II Phase II Presentation
Presentation on Stark II Phase II made at the board/administrator retreat, August, 2004 by Lori Nomura, Foster Pepper & Shefelman.

Presentation made by Brad Berg, Foster Pepper & Shefelman to the Northwest Hospital Council, September 2004.

Swing Bed Conversion Presentation
Presentation by Michael Bell, CPA given to Proshare hospitals regarding swing bed conversion on May 21, 2003.

The New EMTALA Regulations: What Looms on the Horizon?
October 1, 2003