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Public Hospital Commissioner Guide

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Last Updated: May 2009

SECTION I - What are Public Hospital Districts?

A. Special Purpose Districts
B. Public Hospital Districts

SECTION II - Structure of a Public Hospital District

A. Commissioner Districts
B. Public Hospital District Management Structure

SECTION III - The Role of Commissioners

A. The Election Process
B. Commissioner Duties and Limitations
C. Board of Commissioners
D. Commissioner Compensation
E. Conflicts of Interest

SECTION IV - Commissioner Meetings & the Open Public Meetings Act

SECTION V - District Finances

A. Administration of District Finances
B. District Revenues/Property Tax Overview
C. Bond Financing
D. Limitations on Borrowing
E. Federal Tax Issues
F. Other Issues Relating to Borrowing
G. Hospital District Payment Issues

SECTION VI - Regulatory Compliance

A. District Treasurer & District Auditor
B. State Audits
C. Public Bid Law